Exclusive Business Location
and trendsetting Office Complex

  • 4.900 sqm g.f.a.
  • 4.500 sqm on 8 Floors
  • Central at S-Bhf Tiergarten
  • Realization 2019

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Stylish office complex at Straße des 17. Juni / Suburban railway station Tiergarten.

The HGHI develops and establishes an exclusive business location in the immediate vicinity of the Großer Tiergarten, the excursion and recreation centre in the heart of Berlin. In 2019, the HGHI Tower Straße des 17. Juni office complex with a gross floor area of around 4.900 sqm on eight floors will be built at the corner of Bachstrasse and Wegelystrasse. After completion, you can expect generous office space with authentic architecture made of noble natural stone façade, airy room heights and insulating glazing, floor-to-ceiling windows. 


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